Proper training means teaching in a useful, interesting way. As a former university instructor, trial attorney, and frequent lecturer, EXTTI’s founder, Michael A. Robbins, is skilled at providing just this service — teaching in a useful, interesting way. Mr. Robbins has provided training throughout the country — receiving great reviews. He has provided training both to Fortune 500 companies as well as to smaller organizations, in a variety of industries.

EXTTI’s Vice President, Scott I. Barer, not only brings his more than 20 years of experience as a labor and employment attorney to bear in his training sessions, but he uses his 10 years of real-world experience as a professional in television news.

With more than 30 years of Human Resources experience, EXTTI’s Vice President, Catherine A. Balin, has literally “seen it all,” and she brings this experience and a unique perspective to her training activities.  Similarly, Bob Sniderman (a Director at EXTTI) has decades of experience training employees in the workplace.

All courses are conducted using interactive methods. A workbook and PowerPoint presentation are included.

The following seminars are available:

EXTTI’s seminar on Preventing  Sexual Harassment is designed to be educational, entertaining and very interactive. Although it can vary according to the needs of the client, a typical program involves a one-and-one-half hour training session designed to teach non-supervisory employees how to recognize and avoid sexual harassment — and what to do if they see it occurring. Customized instruction on the particular employer’s policies is included.

Supervisors and managers are given a similar (but somewhat longer, two-hour) seminar that covers the same areas — but additionally provides instruction on what their roles and responsibilities are as supervisors.

Thus, this seminar helps prevent harassment from occurring and helps insure that employees will respond properly if it is observed.

California Employers — This seminar complies with the requirements of AB 1825.

Like EXTTI’s Preventing Sexual Harassment seminar, the program on discrimination teaches both supervisory and non-supervisory employees about ways to recognize and avoid discrimination issues in the workplace. Supervisors also learn their duties in this area. As with the sexual harassment seminar, the possibility of discrimination occurring in the workplace is minimized — and employees know what to do if they encounter it.

This seminar is designed for Human Resources and other supervisory employees who are charged with conducting workplace investigations within their organizations. Documentation and proper investigation skills are emphasized — again, through the use of interactive teaching techniques. The program is highly customizable according to the needs of the employer.

A 2 day advanced investigation program is offered for individuals who already have basic investigation skills.







Cathy Balin and Michael Robbins after presenting on workplace Investigations at the Hawaii State Bar Association, Labor & Employment Section (along with the Section Chair)

At EXTTI, we know that achieving one’s strongest performance can be influenced by a combination of organizational, personal, and interpersonal factors. EXTTI professionals encompass many decades of legal and corporate expertise. We deploy this wealth of experience for our clients by providing leadership coaching for Executives and other key personnel, to maximize effectiveness and satisfaction in the workplace.

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