Workplace Investigations

Conducting a proper investigation is crucial when allegations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation arise in the workplace. Such an investigation also has become crucial when employee misconduct is alleged. Indeed, in most circumstances, the law requires such an investigation. And, most of the time, the employer’s policies and procedures require this as well.

The professionals at EXTTI are trained, professional workplace investigators. Their job is to conduct neutral, impartial investigations. In fact, together, they have conducted hundreds of such investigations. These investigations have been conducted for employers in a wide variety of industries, in both the public and private sectors. Every investigation conducted by EXTTI is performed under the supervision, direction and control of a labor and employment attorney.

EXTTI professionals have experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

In the private sector, clients range from huge international companies to much smaller operations — and everything in between. EXTTI professionals have experience with employers in a wide range of industries.

As to the Entertainment Industry in particular,  EXTTI professionals have significant experience conducting investigations related to motion picture and television production, at talent agencies, for professional sports franchises, and in music, gambling and for streaming services, among others.

In the public sector, EXTTI clients include cities (large and small), counties and other governmental entities throughout the State of California.

Aside from conducting workplace investigations, the professionals at EXTTI work as expert witnesses on workplace investigation issues. Based on these experiences, they know how investigations can be attacked at trial and use that knowledge in the conduct of their investigations to avoid such attacks.

Of course, much of the time, it is quite appropriate for investigations to be conducted in-house — either by Human Resources or other management personnel. At other times, in-house counsel (or outside counsel) may be utilized. However, in those situations in which complete objectivity is necessary, EXTTI can provide the needed impartiality. Moreover, EXTTI’s rates are most competitive — generally less than those charged by regular outside counsel. In these situations, EXTTI is a sound choice.

Privacy Policy

We do not disclose information gathered in the course of preparing or processing investigative consumer reports except to our client(s), at our client’s direction or as required by law.